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Sep 11, 2023
38 min
Bonus XP 28

Fire Emblem Sacred Stones with Professor Bopper and ActualLizard!

Aug 7, 2023
1 hr 35 min

32. Castlevania Deep Dive feat. Professor Bopper!

Jul 24, 2023
1 hr 30 min

31. Random Encounters feat. Aidan Moher

Jul 10, 2023
1 hr 30 min
Ep. 30

30. The SNES Episode feat. DavidVinc

Jun 26, 2023
1hr 35min
Ep. 29

29. Status Effects ft. KBash!

Jun 12, 2023
1 hr 13 min
Ep. 28

28. Working in the Gaming Industry

May 23, 2023
35 min

Dragon Quest Side Games

May 15, 2023
2 hours
Episode 26

26. The Dragon Quest Series feat. GC Vazquez and Cullen!

May 1, 2023
1 hr 24min

25. PS1 RPGs feat. Gaming Broductions!

Mar 20, 2023
1hr 42m
Ep. 22

Ep 22: Jobs & Classes in RPGs feat. KBash!

Sep 12, 2022
1h 20m

We attempted a nuzlocke!

Aug 4, 2022
Bonus XP

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Preview w/ Adam

Jun 26, 2022
1h 33m

Special Edition: Fire Emblem with SpeedyHawk, LinkKing7, and Mekkah!

May 30, 2022
1h 45m
Episode 17

Ep 17: Pokemon!

Aug 23, 2021
1hr 24min
Episode 9

Ep 09: RPGaymer: Prepare to Die Edition (feat. Professor Bopper)

May 24, 2021
Episode 4

Ep 04: You Better Work, Twitch!

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Scott Soltys-Curry
Scott works hard behind the scenes to make sure the RPGaymer machine runs smoothly.
Patrick Soltys-Curry
Founder & Host
Patrick puts the 'Gay' in RPGaymer. He likes long walks on the beach, big cats, and fried chicken. After a decade teaching English, he broke away to start RPGaymer. He lives in Indianapolis, IN, with his husband, three cats, and dog.
Jason Jasicki
Jason is an avid video game collector and enthusiast. He joins RPGaymer from Cupertino, where he lives with his partner Laura, their cats, and a massive video game collection.