Sep 11, 2023
38 min

Fire Emblem Sacred Stones with Professor Bopper and ActualLizard!

Episode hosts:
Patrick Soltys-Curry

Fire Emblem Sacred Stones is the worst Fire Emblem in the series...... said no one ever.

All jokes aside, Sacred Stones is an incredible entry and often hits the top of most of Emblemer's Top 3 lists.

What is it about this entry that makes it so appealing? Is it Eirika and Ephraim's diverging paths? The split promotion choices? Or just the fun, ol' GBA animations?

In order to tackle this iconic game, Patrick is teaming up with the incredible Professor Bopper (again) and ActualLizard (again, again) who is definitely, 100% not actually a lizard (or is he?). If you've never played this game, make sure you scour those used game stores or pray that this eventually comes to the Switch. If you have, why is this game so special to you?

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