Video game series

The RPGaymer Podcast covers a wide range of video game topics, and no video game series is off the table! Here are some of our favorite video game series we often discuss on our video game podcast.

FirE Emblem

It's no secret that we love Fire Emblem around here. It's an iconic series that include games for all gamers to enjoy. So it doesn't come as a surprise that we have many podcast episodes about Fire Emblem, both on our main feed and on our special podcast, Bonus XP. We've even been lucky enough to feature some of our favorite Fire Emblem streamers.

Check out our full list of Fire Emblem podcast episodes here.

Final Fantasy

RPGaymer's host, Patrick, learned to read by playing Final Fantasy—so yeah, the Final Fantasy series has a very special place in our hearts. From looking at Final Fantasy as a series to diving deep into specific topics, we have plenty of Final Fantasy podcast episodes for everyone, and we're destined to have many more on the horizon.

Dragon Quest

Another favorite and popular video game series that comes up a lot on the RPGaymer podcast is Dragon Quest! Some of the most beloved RPG characters come from the vast Dragon Quest canon, so it only makes sense that we love talking about the series and its many games on the podcast. Make sure to check out all of our Dragon Quest podcast episodes!

The Legend of Zelda

As long as Princess Zelda keeps getting herself into sticky situations, we're going to keep talking about Zelda on the RPGaymer podcast. The Legend of Zelda games are truly some of the best of the best video games, so make sure to tune in to our Zelda podcast episodes where we talk about everything from the series as a whole to our favorite moments in specific games.