Mar 20, 2023
1hr 42m

Ep 22: Jobs & Classes in RPGs feat. KBash!

Episode hosts:
Patrick Soltys-Curry
Jason Jasicki

Hold on to your job hats folks because we’re in for a heck of a ride!

First and foremost, we are pleased to announce our very first guest of the season, part-time hero, full-time YouTube sensation, KBash! Every video game content creator has that special someone who laid the groundwork in inspiring them to take the plunge into blazing their own video game review trail. KBash is one incredible guy and we will always be grateful, not only for his luscious locks or his hilarious game reviews but for playing a part in helping dreams come true!

But enough gushing, we’re here to talk about jobs and classes in RPGs! Player choice is a very important facet of gaming and the ability to customize characters can lead to some crazy builds. However, is this feature getting stale? Come gather around as Dr. Professor Surgeon General KBash and RPGaymer team up to take over the world… and maybe talk about jobs classes some too. Probably. I dunno.

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