May 30, 2022
1h 45m

Ep 17: Pokemon!

Episode hosts:
Jason Jasicki
Patrick Soltys-Curry

Grab your backpack, your Pokédex, and some cash from your mom because it's RPGaymer's Pokémon episode! Join Patrick, Jason, and their special guest, Pokémaster Adam, as they explore Pallet Town and beyond. If you're looking for an episode as grand as Mt. Coronet, strap in for the boys' discussion on the Pokémon games, shows, and all the cute lil pocket monsters themselves.

Is this the longest episode? Yes. It is worth every second? Ditto. Now if you'll excuse me, I just spotted a wild Eevee I need to go catch.

Follow Adam:
Twitch: TorteTTV
Youtube: Torte Gaming
Twitter: @TorteGaming
Instagram: @abdunworth

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