Apr 3, 2023
1 hr 25 min

23. Worst Games You've Ever Played

Episode hosts:
Patrick Soltys-Curry
Jason Jasicki
Casey Muir-Taylor

Bad games. We’ve all played them. From the clunkiest platformers to the junkiest battle systems, bad games always find their way into innocent gamers' hands.

There are so many ways to determine if a game is bad. Do you look at reviewer scores? Do you stop playing it once it is no longer fun? Are some of the mechanics too ‘out there’ that they break the experience?

Gather round kiddos as we break down what goes into a bad gaming experience, where we draw the line on how far we’ll play, and name-drop a title or two *cough cough* Quest 64.

Also, stick around for part 2 where we flip the script on our usual Poorly Described game. This time we’re overselling bad games to make them sound much better than they actually are!

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